Saturday, May 16, 2009


Growing up in Utah I loved a song that went something like this...
"When it's springtime in the Rockies..."
That’s all I remember of it. My dad used to sing it when I was very young. It is a love song. It had something about I'll be coming home to you, in it.


When it’s springtime in Oklahoma...
We get tornadoes and severe Thunder storms.
Luckily we have never been hit by one and the closest one, to do major damage close to us, was May 3rd 1999. It came about 3 miles from us. And it was scary.
Well we had severe Thunder Storms last night and it was the second time this week. I was outside when the Dry line was passing over and took these pictures.
We have had close to a month of rain. It seems like every time we get a bright sunny day it turns into a night of twisters. The hot humid air does not like the cool night air.
That’s what we get for living in “Oklahoma where the wind comes whipping down the plains.”.
But if we didn't have all that rain, we wouldn't have these beautiful flowers.
Purple salvia

Mock Orange. My favorite.

I got cuttings from my Mother's bush in Missouri a few years ago and I haven't killed it yet. I think it is going to live. It has the most incredible smell. I can't wait for it to be big enough to bring cuttings into the house. I just love the fragrance.


Rachel said...

mom, these cloud pictures are great!

All the places you love said...

When it's spring time in the Rockies... IT SNOWS!!!!!

Rachel said...

Wow, what great photos. That really does look like a tornado waiting to happen.

All the places you love said...

email me how you did your cuttings

Cheri said...

I love your storm cloud photographs...excellent!!