Thursday, August 30, 2007

Autumn Quilt Exchange Teaser 2

With some of the quilting

Close up of quilting

Back detail of quilting

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tasty Goodness

I have enjoyed reading my nieces (Katie and Angelic) cooking blogs.

Lucy has impressed me with her great cooking tutorials.

So I am posting one of my own.

OH! Wait I didn't do the cooking.

Emily did.

So here goes.

“EM’s Bribe the Guys at Work Brownies”

Emily drives a fork-lift on night shift at Ditch Witch.
She is one of the few girls out there at night so what can I say
she has them eating out of her hand. –literally

You start with the secret ingredient…. TWO Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes.

Mix as directed on back of the package.

You’ll have to look up the ingredients needed yourself.
Be very careful to follow directions precisely... no sneaking tastes!

Next you have to add the Nestlé Chocolate Chunks that you forgot and left in the hot car
so you stuck them in the freezer. You have one Big Hard Lump.

So you get out the butcher knife and start hacking.
It doesn’t work.
You have to get a hammer and start smacking.
Finally the chocolate is soft enough to start chopping with the butcher knife.

You mix the large chunks (because you got tiered of chopping)
into the already mixed batter (Which you haven’t been snitching)
and spread it out in a Cookie tray sprayed with Pam.

Note how the chunks look like icebergs.

More chocolaty "bergs"

Put them in the hot oven and bake.
(Now I think you can look up the temperature and time yourself.)

Time to lick the spoon.

I mean really get into it.
You deserve it.
You have really worked hard.

Time to clean up.... Oh wait Mom did that part.

Now let them cool.
We don't want to burn our tongue’s on the
molten chocolate chunks do we.
Notice how the brownies have come up around those chocolaty bergs.
The only thing that would make them better is chunks of walnuts.

Now plate them up and watch them disappear.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seasonal Quilt Block Exchange

OK, I am not going to tell who this is for.

I just want to get wet your appetites a little.

I have set a goal to not buy fabric for things like this and try to use from my stash. (My husband will love this!) So here are close ups of some of the fabrics I used.

Fabric 1: Is autumn leaves with a few nuts. I great fabric I found in my stash. It is not a new retro print but older fabric. Very nice.

I have a lot of fabric that I have been given by friends who are cleaning out their stash, or are older and don't sew much any more. (You can never be to old!) So I don't remember where I got this but I love it!

Fabric 2: I bought this for a Christmas Orniment project that I ended up only making 1 orniment. So I have about a yard of this. It is scarlet with a print that looks like a brush stroke. I used 2 other red prints that are red on red but their print just looked solid red in the pic's.
Fabric 3: A nice little flowering vine with autumn colored flowers. Another older fabric that I don't know where it came from but I love it. I wish I had more of it now. Sad I have less then a fat quarter.
Fabric 4: I bought this a few years ago. We had a family quilt block exchange at one of our Bennion Family reunions and I had thought I might use this fabric. I picked it up in a great little shop in Springfield MO.
I found it on their sale table. Always check out the sale table!!

Fabric 5: Again another gift fabric. What else can you call them when some one is giving away their stash. "I'm just a girl who can't say no!" You can nevre have to much fabric! Fabric 6: A great golden tan. You can never have to many tans. They go with so many things. I don't remember when where or why I bought this other then I love it and and it is a dark version of yellow my favorit color. I feel that every quilt needs a yellow in it to brighten it up. Well this is my yellow even if it is a tan. There is also a nice little brown print that Ipicked up at the shop in MO.

Last is Fabric 7: A green border. I bought this at the same time I bought fabric 4 and for the same reason. Thing is I didn't use either for that project so I have them to use now. And since this is an Autumn quilt I felt that It needed green cuz here in Oklahoma the grass is green for a long long time.
So here is the work in progress.
The pattern is called tessellating leaves.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Project

This is a little piece I started working on the other night. I got the Idea from the book Convergence, by Ricky Tims.

I started with 4 of my hand dyed fabrics.

I cut them into strips, starting with 3/4" and increasing the stops by 1/4". The Largest is 2 1/2"

I then sewed them together as shown, going from smallest to largest in opposite directions.

I decided which colors I wanted to go beside each other and cut them again with the same increments and sewed them together the same way. I know I will be putting a border on it and some kind of decorative quilting.

I'll post more as it is finished.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Trip to Utah

I just got home from a great trip to north eastern Utah. We stayed in a little cabin that belongs to my great Grandfather’s family organization. (John M Cannon family) It is right on the edge of the Uintah Mountains. This place is like heaven to me. I think I could live here. We try to come up once a year. It is hard making the long journey from Oklahoma but a week hiking and sitting around in the shade reading, or playing with the grand babies is wonderful.
This is a picture of one of the hikes we went on. so beautiful!!!

This peak is right out the back window of the cabin. my son Kit and some of his cousins tried to climb it. Kit got part way and realized he was out of his league and came back. Jimmy, Eddie, John, and Katie's husband Nate all climbed to the top, right up the rock face. They went the hard way. The view is wonderful but what a hard climb!!!

This is a different view of the same peak. About 29 years ago, just after my second child (Alisa) was born, Brad and I climbed up this same peak. But as you can see from the picture we went up the draw to the west of the peak and around the back and came to the same beautiful view of the valley with out all the rock climbing.

With 4 of my 5 girls we had a project night at the cabin. Rachel is expecting her first baby in October and we had fun decorating these onsies for her. Josie had come up with the idea and Alisa had actually done this before.

Josie and I had dyed the onsies and then we used freezer paper to make stencils. We used regular craft paint mixed with fabric medium. It was great fun.