Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

My sister Lucy Posted about my mother's Christmas ornament tradition. It was they posted by Future Girl who is the maker of the pattern. Both have written wonderful things about my Mother. She started making handmade ornaments for her grandchildren just after my second daughter was born. She only had about 8 grandchildren at the time. She realized 2 things: 1 she would soon have a lot of grand children, and 2 that she wouldn’t be able to buy each of them a present. She also realized that as we children where getting married and moving out our 1st Christmases were a little skimpy on the decorations. She decided that she would start making hand made ornaments for her grandchildren so that as they moved out on their own they would be able to take some of there Christmas traditions with them. Each of my children has gotten a box of Christmas traditions to start their own homes with.

My niece Angelic, who is the oldest grandchild, has made this great picture collection of all the ornaments. That my mother has made. She is missing the spider of 2002, but you can see it on one of my close-ups of my trees latter in this post.

My daughters posted this to Future Girl,

Alisa said...
I am one of the lucky grandchildren. And my granmother really is amazing. She has raised a large (LARGE) family who all respect and love creating. We are all in her debt for the handmade legacy she has given us.
Laura Orr said...
I am one of the 99 grandchildren that loves her grandma so very much. I am 28 years old and I have an ornament on my tree for each Christmas since I was about 3 years old. Every year I carefully place the ornaments on my tree and remember the excitment I felt when we got Grandama's package in the mail and how our eyes grew as we opened it. My Chrstmas tree truly bares the mark of unconditional love. Thank you grandma for such a wonderful gift, and thank you for helping get the pattern available to my grandma and posting such a wonderful story about her. -
Rachel Hatch said...
I am one of Lenore's grand daughters. I have about 25 years of ornaments. Every year I long for the new ornament. It is my favorite tradition. My mother (Lenore's daughter) has now started making ornaments for her grandchildren. I'm so happy my grandmother started this tradition & I look forward to making ornaments for my grandchildren. ~

With only 2 children unmarried I don’t have a lot of my mother’s ornaments left at my house. I decided that I would continue the tradition with my own children and grand children.

In this Picture you can see one of the felt stars I made last year. It had silver thread embroidery and glass beads that catch the light. You can also see the beaded Icicles that I made in 2005. I like the idea of having things that catch and reflect the light. Christmas is about sharing the light of Christ in our lives.

On the left hand side of the tree there is a macramé snowflake. This was the very first Christmas ornament I made after I was married in 1976. I always meant to make more then one but I took a long time to make and every year after that I had babies to take care of. Now I don’t know where the pattern is.

Here is a close up of one of this years orniments. I am making beaded snowflakes. You can also see the spider ornament that my mother made.

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