Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pesto Ham Roll-ups

A few months ago my sister Lucy asked people to blog what yummy things they did with pesto. I blogged pesto grilled sandwiches. They were yummy. Well last night I had a Christmas party I had to take snack food to so I thought up these very yummy "Pesto Ham Roll-ups"
So Lucy these are for you.

You start with a pumpernickel tortilla. If you can’t find pumpernickel then try an other flavor like sun dried tomato. I mixed cream cheese and pesto about 2 to 1 ( 1 cup cheese ½ cup pesto).
Spread out the cheese/pesto mix evenly.
Place a layer of thin delli ham over the cheese.Use a pizza cutter to trim the sides to make the tortilla squarish. You could do this before you spread out the cheese and added the ham, but then you couldn't eat the scraps.

Lay a row of black olives about 1 inch from one of the edges. Then you fold the edge up over the olives and start rolling. Refrigerate for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will firm up the cheese and make them easier to slice.
Use a sharp serrated knife to saw the rolls into pin wheels. DO NOT press down. This will case the cheese to squish out the sides.
Plate them up and enjoy. And yes they were very very yummy!!


Anonymous said...
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Mike Fegley said...

I am desperately looking for Pumpernickel Tortillas. I operate two restaurants in Pa. The Allentown Brew Works and the Bethlehem Brew Works. We are currently working on adding a new wrap to the menu.

A curry tuna creation with dates, walnuts and dried cranberries. Mmmmm.

Add red diced tomatoes and green lettuce and we need... a brown wrapper--pumpernickel!

Please send any information you have on any manufacturer to me at

Thank you so much for your help.

PS. Love your quilts. We live near PA dutch country, and in nearby Kutztown PA there is a yearly folkfest for PA Germans that hosts a contest in a barn with hundreds and hundreds of FABULOUS quilts. My wife and I have one on the wall, and one on the bed!

Thanks again, and I look forward gratefully for ANY help you can give me and my chef!