Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap

I feel so good I got my Apron done yester day. I took it to work and got a sweet young mother to model it for me.

This is Liz wearing my reversible spring apron. Note how the angle is carried out in the on-point design with the pocket repeating the folded down corner.

Partner I hope you love this Spring Sassy Apron.


Danetta said...

This apron is so cute! I want to make a reversible one.

kate the great said...

Aunt Jeanne I have this exact same apron pattern. I love it!

Marylois said...

What fun! Maybe I'll get one from you next time or at the family reunion!

Rebecca Lesue said...

Love the apron...and LOVE the duct tape dress form :) I have been wanting to make one for myself.