Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Corset

I have been very busy the past month. My daughter is getting married at the end of April and of course I wanted to make the Wedding dress.

After trying on dresses at a bridal store to figure out what style she looked best in, we decided that she looked best in a fitted bodice with at flared skirt. To make every thing look and fit nice I decided that a well fitting corset was a necessity. (Don’t we all want a little help? Just pull those strings in tight.)

EM works nights and I work days. We never see each other, that made fitting the corset very hard. So with the help of Josie we made a duck tape dress form. I then started making the corset and over the past month with a lot of redoes’ I got the pattern right for EM and the wonder is finished.

Now on to the dress.


Almostgreat said...

Mom it looks AWESOME!! You may have to make me one!! LOL

kate the great said...

I'm so happy that you made a duct tape mannequin. What a bunch of happiness in a roll. And, the corset looks fabulous, and I'm sure Em will look fabulous as well.

Alisa said...

I wonder how Emily feels to have her, um, figure here to be viewed by all who wish!

Looks great mom, make me one.

Marylois said...

beauty knows no pain!