Sunday, April 6, 2008

More on the Wedding Dress

So some of you know that my daughter EM is getting married in only 3 more weeks (That makes me a little nervous.), well I have been working on the Wedding Dress for about a month and a half. Remember the Corset!

I just wanted to show that I am making allot of progress. In fact the dress is almost done I am just doing my favorite the embellishing.

This is what I have been doing. I am couching silk ribbon onto the front of the bodice. The dress is made of dupioni silk which has a very subtle sheen.

I first laid ½ inch ribbon on the cross hatching I did and am now stitching it down with silk embroidery thread.

I then took 2 stitches where the ribbon crosses.

You pull it up tight.

Then take 2 stiches the other way forming a cross.

Then on to the next point. I ran the thread between the front and the lining.
This is what I got done in about 6 hours. Not to much left to do right. Oh I still have beads to put on it. I'll show more latter.


Almostgreat said...

MOM!! It's looking AMAZING!! I am soo excited to see it! Can you beliebe that I will be back in less than 2 weeks!! (Oh wait that probably just stresses you out a little... sorry. But I will be there to help then!!)

angeliclenore said...

Oh my goodness! That is beautiful!! I also am so excited to see it! Wish I could be coming out also! ;)

kate the great said...

That is amazing! I love it! I'm so excited to come

rowdystroudy said...

wow! That is so incredible! You are as talented as ever--this is Carrie Brown, by the way!

Marylois said...

What a labor of love!

Lucy said...

I have to remind myself to breath when I look at this post. I wish I could be there tomorrow. I am so bummed!

Lucy said...

I was hoping to see it on by now. I hope one of you got a picture of it! These pictures have been the biggest tease!