Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few Fun Things

I realized that I have been far to busy to do much blogging lately.
So I’ll show you a few fun things I have been doing.

First off here is the apron I made for the Fall round of the

Sassy Apron Swap.

The rules were:
1- A full apron for good coverage for all that holiday baking.
2- Include a hot pad to use in all that holiday baking.
3- A pie recipe to be used in holiday baking

Well as you can see I did homage to the pie.

You can check out all the taste pie recipes I included at my food blog.

After the last round in the Four Season Quilt swap I was feeling a little bad because I was enjoying the challenge and the exchange with other great quilters plus the quilts were small and doable. I was really going to miss the swapping but thanks to Margaret, I found out about her Spring Fling Round Robin quilt exchange.
Again the rules were simple. You made an 8 inch finished block according to the final recipients’ preferences. Here is a sneak peek of the one I did.
Sorry that is all I can show you for now.
I sent off my little block then waited to see what would come in the mail. Well here is the send round. I received an 8 inch block and had to add boarders to bring it out to 13 inch block. Again you just get a sneak peak. (I’ll have to post the final blocks when the swap is over)

I am finding that this is quite a challenge to work off of someone else’s idea, make it your own and still leave it possible for someone else to add onto it also.

Last of all. Last Saturday my husband and I went to the Walnut Valley Guitar Festival. Man was it great. National music competitions etc.

I just wanted to show off what I picked up at one of the craft booths. All I can say is that I wished I had a pair of knitting needles the rest of the day. Noting better then listening to great music and knitting. OH yeah we did snarf a funnel cake with powdered sugar. I guess I did blow the diet for that day.

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Yarni Gras! said...

Hi Jeanne....wonderful aprons and other goodies posted! Are you still in my swap? I emailed you...check your SPAM folder as I need confirmation!