Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Quilt

I received this great quilt from Gwen. It is the last of the Four Season Quilts. I am sad to see the swap come to a close. It has been a fun thing to be a part of. I have gotten 4 wonderful quilts and I feel that I now have a little piece of the world. This quilt has come to me all the way from Germany. Gwen said she picked the fabric up while on a trip to her home country of Brittany in France. She said the fabric it typical Breton fabric. Well all I can say is that I LOVE IT!!!
Gwen has fussy cut little pictures bordered them with blue and yellow. Then she cut them askew and sashed them with red. Look at the detail on the mitterd boarder. Such attention to detail. Great work!
Yellow and Blue is one of my favorite color combinations. My kitchen is yellow and I have many blue things to go in it. This will look great in it.

All these great sea scapes.

This woman just looks sad to me. I wonder if she is missing her homeland. I can tell you I am sure enjoying a little bit of Brittany via Germany.


Marylois said...

This quilt is just beautiful! and how fun to have quilts from around the world! What where the rules and regulation for this quilt swap?

gwen said...

I am very glad that you like the quilt I sewed. It was fun picking the fabric and putting it together. As I was fussy cutting the pictures I noticed too that the breton woman looked sad. Don´t worry it has nothing to do with you. It is just because it rains so much in Brittany! Have fun with the quilt and take care.

Jeanne said...

Mary the only guidelines are they have to be between 18 to 25 inches and be appropriate season, and fit the listed desires of the person it is for. When we signed up we listed some preferences. It was a fun swap.