Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Walk Down a Country Lane

Last week I went and spent the weekend at my parents home. They live down a quiet country road in southern Missouri. I always love going there even if it isn't the home I was raised in. It is quiet and peaceful. Several of my 11 siblings live close and it is always wonderful to visit with everyone. The best thing is that most all of my problems are left home at my real life and this is my retreat.

My Dad goes out and walks in the early morning almost every day. I love to walk and talk with him. He is getting older (85) and slowing down a bit. But the company is still wonderful.

This little view through the fence reminds me of the old nursery rhyme, "One Misty Moisty Morning"

A look off across an old corn field. Everything is misty in the in morning in Missouri. Notice all the volunteer corn that is coming up.

The remains of the corn field. It is always interesting to see what is planted in this field. I’ve seen green beans, summer squash and now corn.

Poke Berries. I was once taught that if the berries are purple they are OK to eat. Well I’ve been told these are poisons. Watch little ones don’t eat them even though they look tempting.

I don’t know if this old oil truck works or not but I sure like the looks of it.

On the way back home the sun was starting to come through the trees.

Rope swings in an old oak tree, one of my children’s favorite memories of the farm in swinging in the tire swing. I don’t know how many time my dad has had to replace the ropes. I think my brother or one of my brothers-in-law replaced it the last time. Dad is far too old to be climbing trees.

Back down the drive to the house.

In the autumn in Missouri you must always look out for spiders. I almost walked right into this one. We were eye to eye when I noticed it. NOT FUN.


Jane said...

How lucky you are. My father would have been 87 this year and my mother 81....enjoy every moment

Lucy said...

You have captured some of the best parts of being here ( you just left mom and my kids out) :o)

By the way, You've been tagged on my blog.

You don't have to play if you don't want to, I won't be offended.

Jeanne said...

Well I just wrote about the walk down the lane in the early morning.

Jeanne said...
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Em said...

Jeanne, what a wonderful walk with your father. I know you cherish it every chance you get. You live in a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing! Em (emandmikeyATaolDOTcom)

Louise said...

What beautiful photos Jeanne. I just love the photo of the swings - how peaceful it all looks.