Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer's Here

Summer's here
I'm for that
Got my rubber sandals,
Got my Straw Hat.
It's my favorite time of the year
and I'm glad that it's here.

Just a little song by James Taylor that has been going through my head that last few days.
Well here is my summer SASSY APRON for someone special. But I won't say who.

My sister told me that this was an apron that my Mother's Mother would always make for the Church bazaars when my mother was frowing up. Well I am alwasy up for a chaneges when it comes to sewing so I came up with a pattern using my quilting tools. It was time consuming and I know of alot of ways to make it faster now that I have finished it. But that is for next time.

Clsoe up of the waist band. The one rule for summer was that you must..."The apron has to have some sort of embellishment this time like Ric-rack, fancy trims, decorative stitching, BUT must be washable so NO GLUE.) " Well I used NO GLUE!!! I sewed every thing.

Here is the close up of the hem detail.

I did end up making it revesable. I was just going to line it but if you go to the work of linning it you might as well make it pretty and sassy on both sides.


Danetta said...

Your partner is going to LOVE this apron. I think it is beautiful!

ginger said...

Very pretty and so unique... I think you should sell it as a pattern!

Marylois said...

Nice work. You'll have to show us how to make it this July.

Leah said...

Lovely apron!

Em said...

Jeanne! Yay! I got it in the mail today!!!! How exciting to open my package and see this beautiful blue and green creation! I had my husband take some pictures of me in it - I'll have them up later tonight I'm sure! The dishtowel is so cool too - I went ahead and hung it by the sink. And the CD - you are so creative! What a wonderful Idea! I quickly pushed the eject button on High School Musical, and stuck yours in the slot - great music! I LOVE JAMES TAYLOR (hence my daughter's name!) Just want to let you know I got it and I love it!!!

jillytacy said...

I LOVE the apron! I need to try one like this. I'm sure your partner will be thrilled!

Yarni Gras! said...

wow! it is sooooooo Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with the points and lovely ric rac........I really like it! Are you going to make a tutorial of the pattern?

Jeanne said...

My sister Lucy of "My Byrd House"( is planning to make a patern. She just printed her first pattern The Sassy Apron, you can find it here, or here,

Wow that does sound like an advertisment.

Autumn Moon said...

What a jazzy apron, I love it!