Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

My Father passed away January 25th of this year.
Today I went, with my Mother and sister Lucy's family,
to the little cemetery where he was buried.

My nieces and I had gathered flowers from around Mom's home.

We made 2 lovely, mostly wild flower, bouquets.
We placed one on Dad's grave and the
other one my Brother-in-Law's Mother's grave.
It was a good day for remembering.
We had a lovely visit.


Marylois said...

The top picture is so daddy. Every time I see it I remember that I won't be seeing him at the family reunion this summer and it makes me sad.

zoesquid said...

Great photos Jeanne, and yes what a lovely way to remember your dad. Also wanted to let you know your PIF gift (from March!) is finally on its way.

Em said...

Your father sure was a handsome man! I bet he was really a great dad! I hope you're doing well and enjoying summer!