Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Wedding

Well the wedding has come and gone and I think I will live. After the wedding reception was over and we were cleaning up I was talking with some one. (I talked with so many people that day) I realized that we weren’t done until we got home unpacked and put every thing away. So well I almost have every thing put away. So I wanted to share a few pictures. My daughter Josie took the pictures.

Emily and Cousin Katie (Her Maid of Honor)

The Bride, Emily

A Close up of the wedding dress.

The Newly Wed Couple
Emily and Lance

Men in Black
Lane and Braxton, the Best Man

The Father and the Bride
The Mother and the Bride
The Grooms Family
The Brides Family

The Cake.


Anonymous said...
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Danetta said...

Your bride is beautiful, your family is beautiful. You did a wonderful job on her wedding dress!
Now you deserve a good rest.