Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Catch Up Swaps

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I have been really busy this summer. And here is a big reason.

This is Isaac Oscar Petersen (Ike)

And this is Zoë Ingrid Petersen
They are two of my wonderful Grandchildren
that I only get to see about once a year
so I spent a lot of time with them the past 2 weeks.
Well I need to do catch up on the swaps I have been involved with.
Sassy Apron Swap

Here is the Lovley Brandy modeling my summer Sassy Apron . It came all the way from Astralia.
Here is a close up of the details. I just love it. Very cute and I am going to have to gaurd it well from my daughter-in law aka the lovely Brandy

Srcap Fabric Swap

Package #1 came from M. Rivas in Atlanta GA.

This is a close up of one of my favorites.

Pacxkage #2 came from J. Tacy from Weare NH

A close up of one of the treasures.

It was really fun to get these fabrics. I love fabrics! With several of my daughters at home the last 2 weeks I had to really guard them well.
My mind keeps thinking of tots and little clutches and other girly things to make with these wounderful pieces. May be an accent on an Apron or 2.

Thank you all for Playing so nicely with me and being patient while I played with my Grandchildren.


katelnorth said...

oh my gosh - my brother used to have curtains made from that soldier fabric - I might even have a scrap of it in my stash somewhere. How cool is that!

Josh and Dina Wray said...

Sister Mitchell!! I like your blog! A great way to keep in touch.

Lucy said...

I love the apron. The fabric is really cool I thought it was batik at first. I love those toy soldiers. If they go missing don't look at me!

Em said...

What adorable children! I don't blame you a bit for taking a break from blogging! I'm glad you're doing well, and enjoyed visiting with those gorgeous kids!