Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tasty Goodness

I have enjoyed reading my nieces (Katie and Angelic) cooking blogs.

Lucy has impressed me with her great cooking tutorials.

So I am posting one of my own.

OH! Wait I didn't do the cooking.

Emily did.

So here goes.

“EM’s Bribe the Guys at Work Brownies”

Emily drives a fork-lift on night shift at Ditch Witch.
She is one of the few girls out there at night so what can I say
she has them eating out of her hand. –literally

You start with the secret ingredient…. TWO Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes.

Mix as directed on back of the package.

You’ll have to look up the ingredients needed yourself.
Be very careful to follow directions precisely... no sneaking tastes!

Next you have to add the Nestlé Chocolate Chunks that you forgot and left in the hot car
so you stuck them in the freezer. You have one Big Hard Lump.

So you get out the butcher knife and start hacking.
It doesn’t work.
You have to get a hammer and start smacking.
Finally the chocolate is soft enough to start chopping with the butcher knife.

You mix the large chunks (because you got tiered of chopping)
into the already mixed batter (Which you haven’t been snitching)
and spread it out in a Cookie tray sprayed with Pam.

Note how the chunks look like icebergs.

More chocolaty "bergs"

Put them in the hot oven and bake.
(Now I think you can look up the temperature and time yourself.)

Time to lick the spoon.

I mean really get into it.
You deserve it.
You have really worked hard.

Time to clean up.... Oh wait Mom did that part.

Now let them cool.
We don't want to burn our tongue’s on the
molten chocolate chunks do we.
Notice how the brownies have come up around those chocolaty bergs.
The only thing that would make them better is chunks of walnuts.

Now plate them up and watch them disappear.


angeliclenore said...

I'll be right over!! You still have some left, right?

Almostgreat said...

I still never got one of those brownies!! Kit ate the one Emily left for me! (Darn brothers) I expect some of these when I visit in December!! And the tutorial needs to be followed EXACTLY!

Lucy said...

Dang! No Carbs this week! I could die just looking at those!

LauraJ said...

I had the most enjoyous time reading through your blog this past half hour. You crack me up! And I will eat those brownies...not yours but I'll make my own and follow your recipe. Thankfully it's too cold here for chocolate chunks to melt in a car!