Monday, August 6, 2007

Trip to Utah

I just got home from a great trip to north eastern Utah. We stayed in a little cabin that belongs to my great Grandfather’s family organization. (John M Cannon family) It is right on the edge of the Uintah Mountains. This place is like heaven to me. I think I could live here. We try to come up once a year. It is hard making the long journey from Oklahoma but a week hiking and sitting around in the shade reading, or playing with the grand babies is wonderful.
This is a picture of one of the hikes we went on. so beautiful!!!

This peak is right out the back window of the cabin. my son Kit and some of his cousins tried to climb it. Kit got part way and realized he was out of his league and came back. Jimmy, Eddie, John, and Katie's husband Nate all climbed to the top, right up the rock face. They went the hard way. The view is wonderful but what a hard climb!!!

This is a different view of the same peak. About 29 years ago, just after my second child (Alisa) was born, Brad and I climbed up this same peak. But as you can see from the picture we went up the draw to the west of the peak and around the back and came to the same beautiful view of the valley with out all the rock climbing.

With 4 of my 5 girls we had a project night at the cabin. Rachel is expecting her first baby in October and we had fun decorating these onsies for her. Josie had come up with the idea and Alisa had actually done this before.

Josie and I had dyed the onsies and then we used freezer paper to make stencils. We used regular craft paint mixed with fabric medium. It was great fun.

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Lucy said...

Ok, those shirts are even cooler than you said on the phone. We do have to do this. I can't wait!