Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quilt for Madi

I wanted to post this before Madi was born but I didn’t want her mom to see it because it was a surprise. So I am now posting it

Here is the front. This Quilt pattern is called Kansas Troubles.

Madi’s dad is a cowboy from Montana. His mom still lives on the Ranch she raised her children on. Carson would love to move back up there and have a place of his own. I knew that one day Madi will be a cowgirl her self so I wanted to make her a cowgirl quilt. So I collected a lot of pink and brown fabric.
I hunted in several quilt stores to find the novelty cowgirl prints but it was worth it. They really make the quilt. I fussy cut them into about 5 ½ inch squares.

I sewed triangles to all 4 corners. I cut the triangles big enough that I could float the squares. This gives you the illusion of great piecing because you don’t cut off any corners.

I sewed pink fabric on to the brown novelty print and brown on to the light print.
Then I cut strips of both brown and pink. The brown went on the pink and the pink on the brown.

Here I was trying to decide if I would try and put small fussy cuts in the corners.

I nixed this idea and went with the half square triangles.
I really liked the effect better. Close up of the quilting.

For the backing of the quilt I didn't want to go and buy more fabric. (I was in a hurry to get this done; Rachel was trying to have the baby early) So I used up all the left over fabric and unused fabrics. Note the pink fabric with the saddles that didn't make it into the front.

Well Rachel was suspecting a quilt. What can I say her mother is a quilter.

But she loved it and that makes it all worth it.

It was very fun to make and now

Madi will be encercled with love from her Grammie.


Almostgreat said...

Mom.... it's totally gorgeous!! Now I have to repent for coveting.

angeliclenore said...

I'm with Josie! I have to start repenting also! This is absolutely fantastic!