Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pay It Forward 2

OK This Picture has nothing to do with Pay It Forward but, Rachel just sent me these wonderful pictures of my granddaughter, Madi,
and I couldn’t help being the Grandmother and show off. You can see my other 2 grand children at "One Was Johnny"

I forgot to include the rules for Pay It Forward. You sign up on my blog and I will send you a handmade craft sometime in the next 365 days. You know that part. But in order to play you must post a "Pay it Forward" on your blog and promise to send a handmade craft to the first 3 people who sign up on your blog. And they send it on to 3 people and so forth. It is just like the Movie
"Pay it Forward"

Now for who would like to PLAY
Angelic is the first!
Mary Lois is second
Miniature quilter
will need to commit to the pay it Forward to be on the list.

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Marylois said...

I did it. I have posted on my blog.