Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Pay It Forward

Daffodils From My Yard
(For the bit of Welchness in me)
Spring is finally starting to show its head out side. I have been longing for warmer weather. I have had a colder then usual winter this year. I think it is because I spent part of January driving to Utah, then up to Rexburg Idaho, and then home through Wyoming. Needless to say I saw more snow this year then I want to see in a long time. I think I like living in a slightly southern state.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. I was able to get into another Pay It Forward. I was the 3rd person to sign up for Zoesquid's PIF. So now I am offering to send a hand made craft to the first 3 people to sign up. Now you must remember that It will be something in the next 365 days, probably in May sometime after my daughters wedding. So don't be shy and sign up.


Marylois said...

beautiful flowers. Mine are just barely showing their tips! I did buy some tulips that I'm trying to get to grow inside the house though. I won't put them outside because the deer eat them.
By the way,How does this pay it forward thing work?

Anonymous said...

My flower are barely above ground too! How nice to have a whole vase of them. OK, so how does pay it forward work? I've never done it either.

angeliclenore said...

I would LOVE to join your pay it forward!!