Friday, March 7, 2008

Sassy Apron

It Has Come!!!!
I'm so excited.
I got this wonderful Package all the way from England from Cara L.

I have been checking my mailbox for over a week ever since my sister Lucy told me my apron was on it's way. Well today was the day. I have bee waiting for spring to come. I am sooooo!!! tired of the cold. I know that Oklahoma doesn't get as cold as you in the northern states but I have been to cold this winter. This lovely little apron will be just the trick. I love the pink flowers. The pocket will be just right for carrying my i-pod around in while I listen to Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy from LibriVox. Right now I am listening to Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. (I think I have a new favorite author.)

Here is the reverse side of the apron. The pocket had cute little Lambs on it.
The recipie is for leeek and potato soup. I can't wait to try it. That should help me get over this cold feeling.

Cara sent this lovely postcard of Woodford Halse, in Northhamptonshire. England. I love it. I would like to visit England one day. I have a rich family heritage from the Great Britton.

Also as you can see she also sent me some chocolate. I have always loved Cadbury eggs at Easter and am excited to try this candy.

Thanks so much. This is what makes swapping so much fun.


Cara said...

Jeanne, I am so pleased it arrived. Ever since I sent it I've been checking to see that you've got it - and that the chocolate didn't melt all over the apron! Enjoy a little spring warmth, Cara x

Lucy said...

I love it!

Jane said...

oh it's so pretty!
you'll love the Flake it's one of my favourites!
what a great idea, listening to books on your ipod......these modern gadgets!

zoesquid said...

My goodness Jeanne - 7 children!! What an inspiration. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Just wanted to let you know you are the lucky last winner of my PIF competition. Be sure to post the PIF details on your blog and if you could email me your postal address (via the email link on my blog) your little gift will be on its way - sometime in the next 365 days. Happy blogging.

Rick Rack Attack said...

I totally missed the swap. Caught up with something else. Kids? Work? Husband? Dunno, maybe all. Anyway, I'm officially jealous! I will have to pay attention & participate next time!

Stop by sometime. I'll fix you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up. :D

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